Hikes and Treks

We are local bilingual guides with many years experiences leading in the volcanoes in Guatemala, we provide professional equipment to camp on top of the mountains

This is a difficult walk starting at 5:00 am. We will pick you up from your hotel then drive 20 minutes to our walking start point. The walk typically takes 3 to 4 hours along a pine tree covered rock path. Once we reach the top of the walk you will take in a spectacular view of Quetzaltenango, the Santa Maria volcano, and Almolonga valley. This trip is half a day and offers customers two options:

Cerro Candelaria:

This is a  difficult walk of about 3 to 4 hours to the top on a path of trees and rocks.

Cerro Quemado:

This is an easy walk of about 1 and a half to 2 hours. This walk takes you to the rocky side of the volcano where you can experience wonderful views. This site attracts many local and foreign visitors because it is home to the Cuevas de Juan Noj, where Mayan ceremonies are performed.

Cerro Candelaria Cerro Quemado
2 Persons: Q250p/p 2 Persons Q225p/p
3 Persons: Q225p/p 3 Persons Q200p/p
4 a 6 Persons: Q200p/p 4 Persons Q180p/p

Level: Easy
Star: 08:00 am o 2:00 pm
Back: 12:30 pm aproximadamente
Duratión: 2 horas de ascenso / 1.5Hrs. Descenso
Included: Transporte, guía, entradas

What to wear: Lamp, breakfast, warm clothes, hiking boots, small backpack and personal medicine. 

Note: one of the best options in Guatemala for lovers of long walks. This walk is considered difficult and trekkers need to be in very good physical condition. We will trek for 3 days walking indigenous villages, nature, coffee farms, corn and the best views of Lake Atitlan.


Day 1: We start at 6:00 am picking you up at your hotel or home room in Xela. This walk starts at Cantel (at a height of about 2400mts), which is 35 minutes from Xela. On this day we will walk approximately 17 kilometers, approximately 8 to 9 hours,  to the community Chiri’j Ximay. We will stay in Chiri’j Ximay with a local indigenous family. Lodging is basic, sleeping will occur on the floor and there is no indoor plumbing.

Day 2: This is the hardest day of the trek. We will leave Chiri’j Ximay and descend for 2 hours to the Nahualate River (1400 m elevation). This descent is difficult due to the slippery path. Then we will ascend a steep road in Chuipoj village and have lunch with a local indigenous family. After an hour of rest we continue our journey up to reach the next village Santa Clara La Laguna.  Lodging is once again basic and similar to day 1’s accomodations.

Today involves 14 kilometers of walking, roughly 9 to 10 hours in duration.


Day 3: Wake up by 5:00 am to bequeath the viewpoint of Santa Clara which is a 20 minute walk from our lodging. Once on Santa Clara you will take in beautiful Lake Atitlan. After a few photos back to the house for breakfast and prepare our backpack to begin the descent to the lake, which will take us approximately 3 to 4 hours.  This part of the path is inclined which will be a bit difficult because the path is rocky. We end our journey in San Pedro la Laguna walk approximately 10 kilometers to the point of arrival.

Note: Take note that camping equipment such as sleeping bags and mats they are basic as well as food and in the mountains is difficult to cook. Also depending on the number of people the food will be shared as the guide can not load all unless some extra people have to carry luggage. (Please do not carry things like books or other unnecessary items. Try to travel as lightweight as possible).

Level: Difficult

Departure Time: 6:00 a.m.

Time return: 11 a.m. about day three

Duration: day 1 (8 hours) Day 2 (10 hours this is the most difficult day) Day 3 (4 hours)

which includes: transportation, guide, mattress, sleeping bag, nights with family during the walk, 6 meals, tickets, luggage transfer to San Pedro.

What to bring: Light, breakfast, warm clothing, hiking boots, big backpack, 4 liters of water per person, extra clothes, repellent, personal medicine.

PRICE 4pax Q650p /

p – 3pax 800p / p – 2pax Q950

Spend a day walking surrounded by Nature and breathing fresh air, this is an ecological walk around the City where you can appreciate the beautiful view of Lake Atitlan and the surrounding volcanoes as well as the volcanoes of Santa María, Santo Tomas and Tajumulco, This hike is moderate leaving at 4:00 AM from Xela to the summits of Alaska where we will begin our adventure after 1½ hours of travel we will begin our adventure, passing through indigenous villages in the mountains, this adventure lasts approximately 12 hours ending our tour in the Hot Springs (Fuentes Georginas) where you can take a relax and enjoy the waters.

For this Adventure we have two options:


Two Days: Full package: Walk, night in Fuentes Georginas, Round Trip Transportation returning the next day 12:00 PM or 5:00 PM, Tickets.

One DayTwo Days
2 Pax: Q550p/p2 Pax Q750p/p
3 Pax: Q500p/p3 Pax Q700p/p
4 Pax: Q450p/p4 Pax Q650p/p

Level: Hard Departure time: 04:00 am Return time: 6:00 pm approximately

Duration: 8 to 10 hours of ascent – 3Hrs. Descent to the hot springs.

Includes: Transportation, guide, box lunch, tickets and 2 liters of water.

What to bring: Lamp, breakfast, hot clothes, hiking boots, small backpack and swimsuit.



This volcano is located 11 Km. from the city of Quetzaltenango and is one of the most active in Guatemala. The volcano is cataloged one of the ten most dangerous volcanoes in the world. Sntiaguito has a height of 2,500MSNM. The first eruption of this volcano was on 29 July 1922, starting  88 years of continuous activity, which is part of the volcano Santa Maria. These are the options to appreciate this volcano:


Noon:Mirador Santiaguito is an easy walk, this walk takes only half a day walking in approximately 2 hours each way, leaving Xela at 6:00 am from place of lodging in Xela, taking the route towards Llanos del Pinal located 20 minutes from the city. Take two hours to appreciate explosions smoke normally done every 1½ hours returning at 12 noon

Santiaguito crater:Expedition active volcano, it is an extreme hike where you need good physical condition and knowledge in hiking or climbing and you need to enjoy adventure. This walk is done in two days leaving the first day at 5:00 am from place of accommodation toward to Pinal Plains where we start walking. This walk last 7 to 8 hours, camping on a solid, safe place where you can see the volcano eruptions. Returning the next day at 5 pm approximately

Half DayTwo Days
2 Pax: Q250p/p2 Pax Q1,000p/p
3 Pax: Q225p/p3 Pax Q850p/p
4 – 6 Pax: Q200p/p4 Pax Q700p/p

Level: Moderate Departure time: 05:00 am Return time: 11:00 am approximately

Duration: 2 hours of ascent / 1.5hrs. Descent

Includes: Transportation, guide, tickets & box lunch.

What to bring: Lamp, breakfast, warm clothes, hiking boots, small backpack, 2 liters of water each person and personal medicine.


The Acatenango Volcano is a 3,976 meter high volcano, located between the municipalities of San Miguel Dueñas and Antigua Guatemala, of the department of Sacatepéquez and the municipality of Acatenango, of the department of Chimaltenango. It is next to the Volcano of Fire and is the third highest in Guatemala.

The Acatenango Volcano is 3,976 meters high. Within its historical activity are small eruptions that threw ash and gases from 1924 to 1927 and also in 1972.

The Acatenango Volcano has two peaks, identified as the Pico Mayor and Yepocapa, although the latter is also known as the Tres Hermanas or Tres Marías.


Acatenango walk of two days:
8:30 AM
Return: 1:00 PM
Includes: Transportation, guide, entrance, 3 meals, camping equipment
Price: Q650 per person

Acatenango trek 1 day:
Departure: 4:00 AM
Return: 3:00 PM
Includes: Transportation, guide, tickets
Price: Q400

Acatenango Full Moon Walk:
Departure: 11:00 PM
Return: 10:00 AM
Includes: Transportation, guide, tickets

Price: Q400


It is considered the fourth highest volcano in Guatemala with a height of 3,772 MSNM.

Located south 20 minutes from the city, from the top you can see the beautiful views of the highest volcanoes in the country such as: Water Volcano, Fire and Acatenango, San Pedro Volcanoes, Toliman and Atitlan located in the Lake Atitlan, Volcanoes of Zunil and Santo Tomas, Tajumulco and Tacana; but the main attraction of this volcano is to be able to observe the Eruptions of the Santiaguito Volcano (Active).

The options to climb this volcano are:

Hike (Half Day): Santa María Half day, leaving at 5:00 AM from the place of lodging in Xela, this hike is done walking 3 to 4 hours and is a difficult volcano preferably a good physical condition is needed.

Walk (Two Days): Santa María two days, this walk takes place in two days leaving the first day at 10:00 AM from the place of lodging in Xela, they walk from 4 to 5 Approximately hours, and the return is at 11:00 AM the next day.

Full Moon Walk: Full moon walk on this hike requires a good physical condition, for this hike we leave at 12:00 AM (Midnight) They walk about 5 hours, we do this with reason to appreciate the sunrise at the top of the volcano. Returning at 11:00 AM on the same day.

Half DayTwo DaysFull Moon
2 Pax: Q280p/p2 Pax Q600p/p2 Pax: Q320p/p
3 Pax: Q240p/p3 Pax Q500p/p3 Pax: Q280p/p
4 Pax: Q200p/p4 Pax:Q450p/p4  Pax: Q240p/p



Level: Difficult

Departure time: 05:00 am

Return time: approximately 13:00

Duration: 4 hours of ascent / 2.5Hrs. Descent

Includes: Transportation, guide, tickets and box lunch

What to bring: Lamp, breakfast, warm clothes, hiking boots, small backpack and personal medicine.




This volcano is located in the department of San Marcos, it is the highest volcano in Guatemala and Central America with a height of 4,220MSNM.

It is a really beautiful hike where you can see the views from the highest point and the entire volcanic line of Guatemala as well as the Cuchumatanes, this hike is moderate the only problem for people at altitude (altitude sickness) normally We do it in two days leaving from Quetzaltenango, thus offering the two options that are as follows:

Two Days:

Day 1: Walk two days, leaving the first day at 6:00 AM from the place of lodging in Xela towards San Marcos, the ascent time of 3 to 4 hours approximately to the place where we camp at an altitude of 4,000 Mts.

Day 2: We walk approximately 1 hour to the last part of the volcano to appreciate the sunrise and the views that this volcano offers, returning to Xela at 2:00 PM the whole tour is done by public transport.

One Day: Walk in a day leaving from the lodging place in Xela at 4:00 AM towards San Marcos, in this or optión good physical condition is needed since we will be walking approximately 4 to 5 hours to the top, we do it by public or private transport, depending on the weather so you can observe the views from the top; Returning at 7:00 PM on the same day do not miss the opportunity and live the experience.

Two days    One Day
2 Pax: Q600p/p2 Pax Q450p/p
3 Pax: Q500p/p3 Pax Q400p/p
4 Pax: Q450p/p4 Pax Q350p/p

Level: Difficult

Departure time: 6:00 am

Return time: approximately 2:00 pm

Duration: 4 hours of ascent / 3Hrs. Descent

Includes: Transportation, guide, entrance, 3 meals, camping equipment.

What to bring: Lamp, breakfast, warm clothes, hiking boots, large backpack and personal medicine.



It is located in the municipality of San Martin Sacatepéquez also known as San Martin Chile Verde 45 minutes from the City, has a height of 2,900MSNM. With a thick nature, for the inhabitants of the region it is a sacred place, where you can see different Mayan alters where local people and Mayan priests do the rituals, the most visited day on this volcano is May 3 of each year celebrating the Day of the Holy Cross and Thursday of Asunción or Rogativa Day where approximately 3,000 people climb to the lagoon.

This hike is usually done in Half Day leaving from Xela at 6:00 AM towards San Martin Sacatepéquez 45 minutes from the city, it is a moderate walk where no physical condition is required, you can see from the viewpoints the volcanoes of Santa María, Santo Tomas, Santiaguito, Tajumulco and Tacana. And the purity of nature.


2 people: Q320p / p
3 people: Q280p / p
4 people: Q240p / p


Level: Moderate
Departure time: 06:00 am
Return time: approximately 13:00
Duration: 2 hours of ascent / 1.5Hrs. Decline
Which includes: Transportation, guide and tickets.
What to bring: Lamp, breakfast, warm clothes, hiking boots, small backpack and personal medicine.


WALK TO VOLCÁN PACAYA: The Pacaya Volcano – also called Pacaya Volcano – is a 2552 meter high volcano, located between the departments of Escuintla and Guatemala (Valdéz, Muralles and De Muralles, 2010). It forms a large volcanic caldera that includes Lake Amatitlán and Laguna de Calderas. It is characterized by its regular or constant activity.

Its type of activity is normal central crater explosion and its type of eruption is strombolian, as it throws ash up, water vapor and small stones. It has a secondary conduit called Mackenney Peak, which is currently active and also has mouths or lava outlets from different parts.

The Pacaya Volcano has had constant activity since 1565, when it had a strong eruption that also included earthquakes. In 1775 it caused a great ash launch that obscured the city of Antigua Guatemala for several days.




Two-day Pacaya Volcano Walk:
Departure: 1:30 PM
Return: 10:00 AM
Includes: Transportation, guide, entrance, 3 meals, camping equipment
Price: Q650 per person

Pacaya Volcano Hike Half day:
Departure: 6:00 AM or 2:00 PM
Includes: Transportation, guide, tickets
Price: Q160

Acatenango Full Moon Walk:
Departure: 11:00 PM
Return: 10:00 AM
Includes: Transportation, guide, tickets
Price: Q350 per person.


Tacana Volcano: Second highest volcano in Guatemala with 4093 meters high.

Santo Tomas Volcano: It is a volcano where you can see Lake Atitlan, the volcanic line of Guatemala and the city of Quetzaltenango.

NOTE: All walks offer a spectacular view as well as an unforgettable experience, each walk is also done under the client’s own account and each one needs to have a good physical condition and adapt to more people if there is one. In the walks where meals are mentioned everything is basic since in the mountains it is difficult to cook or make strong dishes. Each customer is responsible for their own team as the company gives them