WALK TO VOLCÁN PACAYA: The Pacaya Volcano – also called Pacaya Volcano – is a 2552 meter high volcano, located between the departments of Escuintla and Guatemala (Valdéz, Muralles and De Muralles, 2010). It forms a large volcanic caldera that includes Lake Amatitlán and Laguna de Calderas. It is characterized by its regular or constant activity.

Its type of activity is normal central crater explosion and its type of eruption is strombolian, as it throws ash up, water vapor and small stones. It has a secondary conduit called Mackenney Peak, which is currently active and also has mouths or lava outlets from different parts.

The Pacaya Volcano has had constant activity since 1565, when it had a strong eruption that also included earthquakes. In 1775 it caused a great ash launch that obscured the city of Antigua Guatemala for several days.


Two-day Pacaya Volcano Walk:
Departure: 1:30 PM
Return: 10:00 AM
Includes: Transportation, guide, entrance, 3 meals, camping equipment
Price: Q650 per person

Pacaya Volcano Hike Half day:
Departure: 6:00 AM or 2:00 PM
Includes: Transportation, guide, tickets
Price: Q160

Acatenango Full Moon Walk:
Departure: 11:00 PM
Return: 10:00 AM
Includes: Transportation, guide, tickets
Price: Q350 per person

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